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About Me

 Unfortunetly, I have been tending to other obligations during this pandemic and will eventually be returning to my minivaca's. 

Soft, gentle, strong, intuitive. Some favorites are the woods & oceanside, an adventure or comedy movie, museums, and concerts.

Educated through life and University and am always learning from the people I meet. I enjoy hearing of your adventures and could listen for hours.  

Email: [email protected]



"...truly talented and very attractive courtesan who obviously loves and takes pride in her work, a Picasso of providers. An hour with Adelle provides sensual memories for years." 

"Adelle is one of my regulars and a favorite. I always have a great time with her."

"Have seen Adelle many times and will continue- like visiting a long lost high school sweetheart...

"She's intellligent, worldly and really wants to provide you good time."

"Adelle is an attractive sexy mature lady with beautiful soft skin....."

*The above are unsolicited comments from reviews on The Erotic Review and The Erotic Monkey. 

Have we met? Would you like to be invited to join Preffered 411, a trusted and well established verification service for companions and patrons.

Let me know! https://preferred411.com/index.cfm

Name: Adelle Anderson Main City: Warwick, RI Sex: Female Body Type: Curvy Height: 5' 4" Race/Ethnic: Caucasian Age: 58 1st Language: English Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brunette Hair Type: Straight Hair Length: Mid-Back Smokes?: No Likes: Music, art, and cars. Adventure and comedy movies. Water, red wine, unsweetened ice tea. Dinning and sight seeing. Accept Credit Cards: Cash only

You might like to know...

...................a little house keeping.........................

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic we're all experiencing, I will be practicing social distancing for your health and my own health. I am as frustrated as many of you are during this time and can hardly wait to get back into the swing of things! 

If you would like to email with me, please do!

If you'd like to provide screening for when we are all back to normal, please do!


For our first contact, I prefer an email rather then a phone call or text. 

However, if you prefer to call, my number is 401-440-4189. If I am unable to return your call within a few minutes, I will wait for you to call me again, as not to disrupt your day at the wrong time. 


For my safety, I'd like to know your name and what town/state you live in.

Or an email addie or advertisment for a known companion you have seen, so I may ask for a reference.

Or your Preferred 411 membership ID number.


Please be between 45 years old and 101 years old.


And that's the end of all that businessy type stuff....

Let's do this thing! 


[email protected]