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 When you make an appointment I will be here just for you. I do prefer some planning........

However, I understand that opportunities arise in your day and I'd like to seize the moment too! I am generally available to meet you at my private incall during the daytime on Monday thru Friday. All we can do is hope our stars are lined up for a last minute visit. (please allow time for screening if it is our first time meeting).



Days Times Location Comments
Monday-Friday daytime and other times by arrangement 9:30 - 6 Incalls/Outcalls Other times by arrangement. Out call to select venues.



Click! I open the door and you step through into my minivacation hideaway. You smell freshly washed and prepared for me to cover you with my attention. My attention. Yes you are the center of attention here in this place. It is your special get-away where no one will know where you are and what y...

Twinkle in our eyes. Sly smile on your face. Posed and ready for action. Ready to begin the secret mission - your secret minivacation. Our secret minivacation. 

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Flowers and

When you show me that you know me

that you understand who I am

My tendency is to want you,

to be stroking you with my hands.

With licks and tickles

I'll show you back

how much i understand you

with secret naughtiness

words we'd never...

in another place or on another day

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beneath the secret life

Adventure into the fantasies lurking through your mind

What is the trigger that pushes your desire

The key to unlock your urges


The need

The  natural command your body gives

To have it

To take it

To  give it

To show what and who you are beneath in secret life

You are strong

You are weak

You are a little bit of everything that floats through human kind


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When you walk in my door....

When you walk in my door the dance begins for real. We've emailed, spoken and texted and now....it is time to explore. The real thing. Exposure to fantasy. Exposure to real living fantasy. Exposure of your desires and my own desires. Exposure of my lust for your musky hidden jewels that are hidde...

Ah yes. Desire, lust, and spirits entwined until we are called back to the real world, content and relaxed.


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The night I had you...

The night I had you all to myself. A secret for you and me. You are easy and smooth. A gentleman. Dashing and clever. All to myself. I wanted to make sure you left spent. Not wanting for another ounce of attention. Ready to go out into the big wide world-with our secret.

And now I have- S...

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Sheen & Lace

Sheen and lace against your  skin. I run my fingers up along your silky thigh highs then intrude under the elastic that keeps them snug and tight. So pretty, so pretty lace and silk. A relief from the hardness of the day and nights that demand so much; that dem...

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Temporarily mine

Sunflower and cucumbers

zucchini and squash

today is a day to breath in the world

enjoy the laughter and embrace ...

the salt of the earth


Freindly, gregarious

generous and kind

today for a bit he will be mine

a skip down the street

to the city he goes

soon to return with a smile devine 


from Adelle







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Roll in the Hay

Roll round down the street

It's only just a little  way

to reach  my house

for a roll in the hay.


buzz buzz are you there?

click click open the door

step right in and up the stairs

magic door will let you i...


Soft and smooth

lightly scented in the room

dim lights and often music

in the air. 


Put your shirt

right on that chair

your pants can go

over there.

You are so excited so am I!

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the evening's rise

Gentle turns in slumber, we,

tucked in tight against are thee

filled with dreams of evening long

togther we venture dusk to dawn...


I turn to see the shadows

sun filtered by the shades

I gaze upon your sleeping face

thankful for a peaceful place


your eyes  open

and gently grace 

your appraisal of the sight

'you are beautiful in the morning light'


from Adelle


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Come into my arms and rest.

leave the harsh world to others to fight

come tumble with me in soft light

tip our tall slender glasses to sip of champainge

tickle our tongues and heat up our viens

indulge in a fantasy

escape from reality

Come i...


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Gentle souls and passionate kisses

Gentle souls and a passionate kiss

Soft enbraces and trailing finger tips

Hands cupping delicate places


Stripped to naked, our gentle souls

Each breath between, in soft lull

Relishing our deserving stollen bliss

Our gentle souls and a passionate kiss

~Adelle Anderson



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How dae hangin'?

I wouldn't mind them hanging over here! I'd take good care of them, treat them right and send them on thier way. How dae hangin'? You need a place to come and let go? I have a place to come to where you can be yourself. I like to watch. I like to play. I like to listen &a...

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You live...

I keep you in my heart and soul

your troubled body fighting hard

to fend off the unwanted invasion.


I hope you see my being in the shadows of your room.

I hope you feel my touch with the washing of your skin.

In my heart and soul you live.

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The skin is soft and velvety. Smooth, as I ...

A glorious shaft; tall, strong and hard. Underneath, there lies a base of delightful textured skin. Soft to touch, molding it in my hands; gathering it in my mouth. Skin tightening as I leave licks around the circumference making me want to suck it into my mouth, once more. I marvel at the long ridge leading from the tip of the shaft to the underside and leading to the crevice that sometimes aches to be explored.

Your manhood is my playground, my excursion to ecstasy, my pleasure to devour.

~Adelle     adelanderson@live.com

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The Words ~Adelle



The words mean nothing, yet everything. You come to me or me to you, filled with anticipation, alive with desire and seeking a touching of souls and body.


The words mean nothing, yet everything. You are the one that completes and satisfies my wanton aches; to bring me pleasure in an insane world.

The words mean nothing, yet everything. I am your paramour, concubine, beau; your courtesan, inamorata; your mistress.

The words mean nothing, yet everything. We come together as if we were clouds forming a storm, with pulsating intenseness building to thunderous vibrations and then the calmness after the storm.

The words mean nothing, yet everything. I am your paramour, concubine, beau; your courtesan, inamorata; your mistress.

The words mean nothing, yet everything.

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Outcall Premiums:

Warwick outcall add 50.

CT Casino & Newport/Westerly/Providence outcall area add 100.

Not applicable to any meeting over 4 hours.



Rate Session Service Details
$2000.00 USD 12hrs Incalls/Outcalls From about 12 to 16 hours of time, in New England
$1500 USD 8hrs Incalls Overnights at my place. 8 to 10hrs
$900.00 USD 6hrs Incalls/Outcalls Day trips, skipping work, my place - with flexible times up to about 7 hours.
$750 USD 4hrs Incalls For time and companionship, dinner date or site seeing M-F
$600 USD 3hrs Incalls For time and companionship M-F
$500 USD 2hrs Incalls For time and companionship M-F
$350 USD 90min Incalls For time and companionship M-F
$300 USD 1hr Incalls For time and companionship M-F
$200 USD 30min Incalls For previously met people, only.

About Me

I want you to know about me so that you can make the right choice.  

Who is Adelle?

Soft, gentle, strong, intuitive. I like the woods & oceanside, a good movie, museums, and concerts. I've been educated through life and University and am always learning from the people I meet. I love to hear your stories and could listen for hours. I couldn't live happily without hearing music even if I have to sing it myself. (Although I can't carry a tune!)

I am the lady at the gas station pumping her gas and catching your eye for a little bit longer while we wonder what it would be like to know eachother.

I like to have fun and laugh yet know there are times when serious conversations are also important. Sometimes it is time to be silent.

I am a trusted companion who understands confidentiality. I know how to keep a secret and how to create a few secrets together, with you!

Come over to my place for a mini-vacation.  

Let's make plans!  Get in touch with me at adelanderson@live.com or via the screening form.



"She's intellligent, worldly and really wants to provide you good time."

"Adelle is an attractive sexy mature lady with beautiful soft skin and great breasts."

"Adelle is a real woman with curves, experience and sex appeal!!

"...truly talented and very attractive courtesan who obviously loves and takes pride in her work, a Picasso of providers. An hour with Adelle provides sensual memories for years."

"Adelle is one of my regulars and a favorite. I always have a great time with her."

"Have seen Adelle many times and will continue- like visiting a long lost high school sweetheart...

"Very classy and hot lady. She is one of the best, if you have a chance to meet her you need to. The BEST .......ever. Have fun!"

"Adelle is a passionate , experienced woman who enjoys the company of mature men. An easy going and comfortable 'woman next door'."


Check out more unsolicited comments and reviews on The Erotic Review. My search number is #122026 . 

Name: Adelle Anderson Main City: Warwick, RI Sex: Female Body Type: Curvy Height: 5' 4" Race/Ethnic: Caucasian Age: 53 1st Language: English Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brunette Hair Type: Straight Hair Length: Mid-Back Smokes?: No Likes: Music, art, and cars. Adventure and comedy movies. Water, red wine, unsweetened ice tea. Dinning and sight seeing.

You might like to know...

I am so happy you are taking the time to look over my web site and getting to know me. I hope you enjoy yourself and hope that you will consider me as your partner on your next lustful adventure. I have a cozy private place in Rhode Island for our escape.

It is a tough decision when it comes to playmates and I really appreciate the time, effort and courage it takes to make arrangements. 


Referenece friendly.

If you would like to use me as a reference, just email me to let me know because I am very protective and guarded about our meeting. My promise to you is to keep you safe.  That said, I am reference friendly! Companions looking for a reference are welcome to email me with a request to adelanderson@live.com


So come on, hot stuff, come take a mini-vacation with me!